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Applied Synergistics International

8100 East Camelback Road

Suite 43

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

(480) 607-6850

Today's organizations face changes on all fronts - tougher competition, leaner staffs, advanced technology and constantly changing regulations. Successful organizations require minds that offer solutions and contribute ideas that enhance the bottom line. They need innovative people who work effectively in collaborative relationships and respond resourcefully
to change.

Competitive companies value their employees' brainpower and recognize this resource as the means to give them the competitive edge they need. Just as companies once provided computer classes to improve productivity, they now train their associates in techniques to operate their mental hardware and software—their brains.

Research shows that the brain operates much like a muscle. Just as individuals exercise their bodies at a gym, improving their health and overall physical function, the brain can be exercised to improve overall function and effectiveness.

Jobs are rapidly changing. Today’s workers are asked to initiate new solutions. Changes in the modern work environment are requiring associates to develop new skills and abilities. New skills, however, are not generated by demanding them or writing them into the performance goals. Before people can display new or enhanced abilities, they must first develop new neural pathways, pathways that enable them to produce new insights and abilities. Consider a rural area that has few roads and limited accessibility. As the area develops and more roads are constructed, access expands to more locations. The same concept applies to the brain. The more neural pathways the brain develops, the greater its access to creative solutions and abilities.

Smart organizations have discovered the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to improve the bottom line relies on tapping into a vastly underutilized resource: the brains of their associates.

Extensive research conducted by The Ohio State University and the University of San Diego have validated this program's effectiveness. Participants saved seven to 10 hours per week, produced more effective solutions in less time and were able to assimilate change quicker and easier. Imagine the possibilities with seven to 10 additional hours each and every week!

Our techniques are:

Easy to learn.

Powerful and impressive to use.

Deliver immediate and measurable results.

The program's measurable benefits enable participants to:

Develop innovative and effective solutions

Collaborate creatively with co-workers.

Produce more with less effort and fewer resources.


An enhanced understanding of how your brain works.

Proven techniques to assist you in working at “peak levels” of performance.

Increased awareness of personal uniqueness and how it can most effectively contribute to your organization.

Crucial insights about the attributes of different styles, how they interact, compliment one another and produce either synergy or conflict within an organization.

Workshops One & Two: The BrainPower Program
The ability to acquire, assimilate and use information defines the passport essential for success in today's world. The rapid expansion of information combined with the slow and tedious reading processes taught in school fall short of productivity goals demanded by today's world. Learn to upgrade your mental software and reap the benefits of greater efficiency, increased productivity and enhanced morale. This is a dynamic program based on the latest scientific research; research that provides the tools and techniques that will enable you to read faster, comprehend more fully, integrate information more usefully and retain the knowledge for long-term use. In any organization true leadership requires the ability to assimilate, integrate and share information effectively.

Workshop Three Using Your Brain for a Change
Every day it seems we get hit with another change in the economy, our industry or our personal lives. The most valuable tool for dealing with change is the mind. Just as you can upgrade your computer software for improved efficiency, you can learn to upgrade your mental software, resulting in more effective performance. Using your Brain for a Change has brought together the best insights of theory and practice, and focused them in an intensive session. The results are skills and perspectives that will reshape your thinking and enable you to deal with change more resourcefully. It will present an approach with a set of skills as precise as a computer program and as easy to learn as a cell phone. Using Your Brain for a Change is about learning how your brain is uniquely wired for change and what you personally need for change to work well for you.

Workshop Four The Business of Thinking
Management is a thinking business. The best can outsmart and excel in how they think. Yet most problem-solving processes only engage a few of the brain's mental areas. The ability to develop innovative and effective solutions requires techniques and processes that tap into all areas of the brain. Whole brain thinking skills enable you to produce better ideas and execute them in less time. This is done by teaching you how to tap into more of your brain's natural thinking ability. You will learn techniques to increase your effectiveness in all areas of the workplace, enabling you to do a better job and achieve more job satisfaction.

Workshop Five Communicating for Results
Effective and dynamic communication fuels the lifeblood of successful organizations. It is, however, a complex and often misunderstood skill that frequently leads to miscommunication, conflicts and non-productive activities. This occurs because the circuitry of each brain is uniquely "wired" leading to different perceptions and responses to similar situations. During the Communicating for Results program, develop a greater understanding about the uniqueness of your brain's wiring and that of others. This new learning provides fresh insights to the communication needs of others. The outcome brings together a set of skills and knowledge that lead to faster agreements with less conflict.

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