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Applied Synergistics International

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“Intermingling of presentations with videos and group activities is Great! Keeps your interest. Also done in a non-judgmental forum.”

Kim Anderson
Jensen Cottrell & Co. LLP
El Paso, TX


We’ve all had those perfect moments, when things come together in an almost unbelievable way, when events that could never be predicted, let alone controlled, remarkably seem to guide us along our path. These are moments when something other than the probability of chance is involved. The closest we’ve come to finding a word for what happens in these moments is “Synchronicity.” In the flow of these moments it seems as if hidden hands are helping us.

As leaders, we are the creators of Synchronicity within our organization. We know that developing Synchronicity takes more than just hiring good people and giving them financial incentives. It takes creating an environment that cultivates passion and creativity within our organization.

Working With Synchronicity is designed to help you, as a leader, create the kind of environment within your organization supportive of the outcomes you seek. An environment where highly self-motivated team-members work effectively to support your mission and vision. Where objectives are well understood and passionately supported. Where accountability is part of the fabric of the organization and creativity is a way of life. Organizations that work with Synchronicity are in a better position to achieve outcomes like higher levels of employee satisfaction, lower employee turnover, increased levels of teamwork, more effective leaders and ultimately the realization of their strategic objectives. All contributing to a more profitable bottom line.

This is a three-day program designed for your entire organization. Managers and staff participate together. Each workshop is separated by four to six weeks to allow participants to put into practice what they learn.

Working With Synchronicity will help you and your organization achieve “flow” by creating an organizational climate that is constructive in nature; one where employees want to come to work, clients are highly satisfied, profits are higher and stress is lower. When we achieve that, we’ve achieved synchronicity.

Program Objectives:

Working With Synchronicity is specifically designed to help you, your management team and your staff more fully understand organizational performance factors and implement strategies to achieve desired outcomes. We help you:

  • Provide a direction for organizational change and development.

  • Determine the impact of organizational, team and job level factors on overall organizational effectiveness and performance.

  • Assess and improve employee attitudes, motivation and stress levels.

  • Identify targets for change that lead to lasting organizational performance improvements.

  • Monitor the impact of organizational change initiatives.

  • Improve communication, leadership and team skills within your organization.

  • More fully align your team’s day-to-day actions in support of your strategic objectives.

Program Delivery:

Developing skills takes time and practice, which is why Working With Synchronicity is a series of three workshops presented over a four-month period of time, giving participants the opportunity to take each new skill set back into the workplace and apply those skills to their everyday environments.


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