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Values go beyond the basics of honesty, trust, mutual respect, integrity and professionalism. Values are powerful tools in making decisions and in determining success. Organizations work more successfully with customers and clients who share their values. Shared values also contribute to individual growth and success. Personal relationships thrive in an environment of shared values.

What values should individuals and organizations be concerned about? How are values shifting as we prepare for the future? How can you benefit from this knowledge? Values Based Leadership shows how world-class organizations and highly successful individuals find power through value congruency. This power allows them to thrive and succeed in a world of constant change.

Ensure your personal and business success by learning why conventional values are becoming less and less effective in today’s ambiguous, unpredictable and volatile business environment.

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying which values are required to succeed in an era of change. Determine whether your values reflect an attitude of embracing or resisting change. Learn specialized interview procedures for finding employees who have the values needed to survive and thrive in an environment requiring flexibility, adaptability and top performance.


Extend your reach from trying to be the best to achieving greatness.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Clashing Values – Dealing with conflicting personal and work values. Understanding the linkage between success and values in a changing environment.

  • Achieving Greatness – Attending to detail and requiring peak performance from all employees. Freeing your organization from mediocrity.

  • Transforming Your Values – Replacing values reserved for a stable business climate with those that enable success in today’s changing environment.

  • Conflict  – Appreciating the benefits of conflict through open, honest communication.

  • Selection Procedures – Ensuring a values match with a specific values-based interview technique, assessing whether a candidate’s values line up with achieving greatness and peak performance.


These elements are combined in a very powerful way. We show participants how to apply what is learned in the workshop to their respective job environments. We also allow participants to actually experience and practice new skills and behaviors. Inherent in the module design and implementation is an approach that continually brings out the types of values required to succeed in an environment of constant change and offers strategies to increase adaptability and flexibility.


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