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Applied Synergistics International

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“It was a very enlightening day! I learned a lot of useful and helpful information that can and will make my life better for me and those around me.”

Joan Domoslawski
Chicago Title
Columbus, Ohio


Poorly managed stress costs companies and individuals a significant amount in terms of time, money and personal well-being. To keep people healthy and effective at all times, we need to help them deal proactively with today’s growing complexities; to minimize performance-inhibiting side effects of stress in work and in life.

This course helps you identify the obstacles that prevent you from successfully dealing with stress and provides proven, effective methods to change unhealthy ways of thinking and responding. We begin with the Stress Processing Report (SPR), a unique self-assessment that helps you determine how you currently manage stressful situations and what you can do to manage these situations better in the future.

The SPR enables you to see the impact of your thinking and behavior on such performance-related variables as:

  • Responses to anxious situations which includes measures of receptiveness, synergy, cooperation, time orientation and time utilization;

  • Satisfaction with self and work which includes measures of satisfaction, directedness, expectations and future view;

  • Quality of relationships which includes measures of inclusion, interpersonal orientation, intimacy and trust;

  • Feelings of health and wellness which includes measures of self-image, past view, control, approval, growth and effectiveness.

As you work to improve your thinking and behavior using the SPR, you also enhance your job performance and personal well being.

You’ll Learn to:

Understand the anatomy and physiology of the human stress response to help you identify stress triggers.

Learn how to gain control:

  • Physically — Learn immediate grounding techniques.

  • Mentally or cognitively - Identify and conquer those thoughts or schemas that trigger the stress response. Explore optimistic and pessimistic styles of interpretation, cognitive distortions and emotional intelligence.

  • Environmentally - Take control at home and at work. Includes removal of annoyances, simplifying one’s life, money management, preserving energy (making time for sleep and exercise), etc.

Learn how to move beyond control and into peak performance and flow.

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