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Applied Synergistics International

8100 East Camelback Road

Suite 43

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

(480) 607-6850

Add value to customers, transform non-management workers to professionals and enhance your strategic planning process. 

Learn to create, refine and expand new products and services. Uncover opportunities to extend your existing market and enter new markets while developing a solid foundation for making long-term and short-term business decisions. Transform your thinking about how people work, what managers do and how businesses compete and affect society.

This one-day leadership program is excellent for both management and
non-management employees from all business environments.

You’ll Learn About:

Linking Business Process and Strategy

Applying different approaches to the planning process in a changing business environment.

Moving Toward Process Centering

Understanding and applying the cornerstones of business process management.

Shifting Views

Altering perspectives on organizational structure, communication and traditional roles.

Innovation, Diversification, Conversion and Expansion

Capitalizing on existing processes to explore new markets and offer more or different goods or services.


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