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There’s no denying leadership’s role in how well your business performs. And there is no denying that leadership needs to come from everyone in your organization, not just senior executives and managers. The combined impact of each leader’s day-to-day actions is what creates high levels of success... or abundant levels of mediocrity; the choice is yours!


• How are your managers impacting your firm’s performance today?

• What's your leadership succession plan?

• What are you doing to retain top employees and develop them into the next generation of leaders?


• Leadership strategies that enable your organization to better achieve desired outcomes such as high client/customer satisfaction, low employee turnover and increased profitability.
• Personal leadership strategies and skills that enable you to increase your personal leadership effectiveness.
• Practical and powerful techniques that enable you to perform with enhanced capabilities.
• The mental skills that enable you to operate at peak performance.


• The ability to identify and focus on the areas that provide the greatest leverage for your personal success and for the success of your organization.
• The tools and resources that enable you to respond to continually changing circumstances in productive and successful ways.
• Enhanced confidence from knowing how to operate your brain’s mental “software” for greater effectiveness.
• The ability to produce additional results with greater ease.


 Leading for Impact Objectives:
• Help you make a difference as a business leader, community leader and family leader.
• Position you to create and capitalize on opportunities associated with the rapid changes in today’s business environment.
• Help you identify, develop and apply the skills and practices consistent with providing leadership in a complex environment of change that will enable you to transform their vision and values into reality.
• Position you to accept additional leadership responsibility through improved critical thinking, enhanced communication, relationship and team skills.


Inherent in the design of Leading for Impact! is a specific focus in the following areas:
• Creating a shared vision
• Creativity
• Leading teams
• Coaching and empowerment
• Problem solving
• Decision making
• Developing a cross-functional perspective
• Strategic thinking and planning
• Facilitating skills
• Critical thinking
• Leading change
• Strategic planning
• Interpersonal skills
• Whole brain thinking
• Negotiating and persuading

The Core Curriculum

Three common threads are woven into the core curriculum of Leading for Impact!:

1. Understanding yourself in the context of leadership.

Who are you today? How are you impacting others? Who would you like to be in the future? Leading for Impact! helps you personally develop a greater understanding of yourself in the context of leadership. This new perspective influences the way you work, think, motivate and communicate with others, in both your business and personal life. Throughout the program, you create opportunities to more fully understand how others see you and how you impact them.

2. Understanding the skills and practices of exemplary leaders.

Leaders take risks, see the benefits of change and promote a shared vision – but how? Why do some leaders achieve extraordinary results while others fail? What distinguishes the effective leader from those who are simply given leadership responsibilities? What really is the difference between leadership and management? These questions and more are answered as we explore the specific characteristics, practices, skills and commitments of exemplary leaders. Each session focuses on a different set of practices and skills required to achieve extraordinary leadership results.

3. Developing leadership strategies.

Our actions create our reality. Why does a specific leadership practice cause success in one situation and failure in the next? How do you really know what to do when people look to you for answers or direction? What personal leadership strategies will place you in the best position to achieve your desired outcomes? What firm leadership strategies will give your firm significant competitive advantage.

Through down-to-earth, true-to-life examples and activities, participants explore, experience and dissect the applications of leadership strategies and skills. Each session looks at the application of specific practices in the context of personal and organizational readiness and culture.



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