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Applied Synergistics International

8100 East Camelback Road

Suite 43

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

(480) 607-6850


"This program is the best learning experience that I've had in 27 years. Experiencing this has changed what I believe to be possible for me."

Steve Barker, CPA
San Diego, CA


“I like Steve’s approach to addressing the practical issues organizations and their leaders face. He blends real world situations and the theory of effective leadership to provide insights that produce more effective leaders and solutions that work. I’ve yet to be disappointed by one of Steve's programs.”

J. Clarke Price, CAE
President & CEO
The Ohio Society of CPAs


“Learning the difference between leadership and management was invaluable. This course has practical, doable ideas. It forces you to 'think' when most of the time we spend 'doing'.”

Marcena Sorrels
Austin Gastroenterology
Austin, TX



ASI has partnered with The Ohio Society of CPAs to provide this unique program. It was initially designed specifically to meet the needs of the CPAs, both those in industry and those in public practice. Since it's inception in 1999, customized versions have be offered to organizations in both private and public sectors. Each workshop is led by a team of two facilitators. Program content is updated annually.


Many people assume that good leadership comes naturally; you're either born with it or you're not. In reality, strong leadership skills are developed through training, continuing education and the application of new behaviors in everyday activities. Unlimited opportunities and challenges exist for those individuals who have the knowledge and skills to accept the leadership challenge. 

The Center for Leadership is comprised of five one-day workshops spread over five months. It is designed to help you address one of the most challenging issues facing you today: leadership. Where is the next generation of leadership coming from? The Center for Leadership consists of customized leadership workshops focusing on how you can become a more effective leader in any organization.

The series focuses on the following topics:

  • Strategic thinking and planning

  • Leading change

  • Leading teams and teamwork

  • Facilitating skills to achieve organizational consensus

  • Negotiating and persuading

  • Coaching and empowerment

  • Problem-solving

  • Decision making

  • Developing a cross-functional perspective

  • Being emotionally intelligent

  • Using appreciative inquiry to create positive outcomes

Key Curriculum:

  • Understanding yourself in the context of leadership. Who are you today? Who would you like to be in the future?

  • Understanding the skills and practices of exemplary leaders. Leaders take risks, see the benefits of change and promote a shared vision. But how? Why do some leaders achieve extraordinary results while others fail? What distinguishes the effective leader from those who are simply given leadership responsibilities?

  • Developing leadership strategies - our actions create our reality. Why does a specific leadership practice cause success in one situation and failure in the next? How do you really know what to do when your organization looks to you for answers or direction?

The Center for Leadership will:

  • Help you make a difference — as a business leader and a community leader.

  • Position you to create and capitalize on opportunities associated with the rapid changes of the business environment.

  • Help you identify, develop and apply the skills and practices consistent with providing leadership in a complex environment of change that will enable you to transform your vision and desired outcomes into reality.

  • Position you to accept responsibility as a coach through improved critical thinking, enhanced communication, relationship and team-building skills.

Program Delivery:
The Center’s customized leadership workshops offer substance for every individual. Content ranges from theory, self-assessment and skill-building to practical application. Each program session contains practical, yet enjoyable learning activities. The Center’s format utilizes sophisticated presentation graphics and videotapes to stimulate thought provoking group discussions on real-world leadership issues.

Workshop One: Leading Change
The critical first day begins by painting a clear picture of the power of vision and how successful leaders use vision, together with strategic planning, to direct an organization’s future. You will learn to distinguish between mission and vision, understand where the strategic plan fits in and recognize how these tools can help you achieve your new and expanding role in your organization.

Workshop Two: Establishing Organizational Leadership Goals
The second workshop discusses the key differences between leadership and management and addresses why solid leadership skills are more critical than ever in today’s changing business environment. You'll identify common characteristics of successful leaders in order to assess your own leadership style.

Workshop Three: Building Relationships
This session focuses on overcoming obstacles and barriers to communications, demonstrating active listening techniques, increasing awareness of gender differences and seeking opportunities to give personal and public praise to others. You will learn about meeting facilitation and management—highlighting criteria for determining if a meeting is necessary and how to run it effectively. You will also learn proven techniques for enhancing success and development like praising, coaching and much more.

Workshop Four: Teams and How They Work
We discuss how teams evolve and learn as a unit, typical obstacles they face and what actions and behaviors team members must exhibit to achieve high performance. This session introduces participants to tools used to measure behavior exhibited in a team simulation. You will gain an awareness and understanding of different team member roles and how each role contributes to the team's overall objectives and goals.

Workshop Five: A Case Study: Putting It All Together
It’s time to challenge your new skills and put them to work. Workshop Five  highlights how leaders apply their skills, achieve their visions and drive their organizations forward. This capstone workshop focuses on implementation of the practices and skills taught throughout the program. The critical leadership practices you have learned are integrated into a case study, allowing you to pull everything together everything and evaluate how you’ll do on the “leadership firing line.”

The Center for Leadership is designed to be an ongoing learning experience for you and your organization. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to build on the synergies of this unique leadership experience by taking advantage of an electronic communications network made up of all Center participants. Beginning with the first workshop, you will be able to communicate electronically with other Center attendees to discuss the program and learn from each other. Practice your new skills, share ideas, ask questions and share success stories with your peers. The Center’s instructors actively participate in this electronic network to give you ongoing support and guidance. These follow-up opportunities will helps you maximize your benefit from The Center for Leadership.

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