“I like Steve’s approach to addressing the practical issues organizations and their leaders face. He blends real world situations and the theory of effective leadership to provide insights that produce more effective leaders and solutions that work. I’ve yet to be disappointed by one of Steve's programs.”

J. Clarke Price, CAE
President & CEO
The Ohio Society of CPAs

Applied Synergistics International

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"Participants truly enjoyed your substantive, thought-provoking presentation, Courageous Leadership Strategies. You left them wanting more! Members rated your session with high marks, and many people requested we bring you back again. Audience comments included 'great presenter, excellent delivery' and 'a nice job of tying values to human resources.' We also appreciated the effort you made to include our logo in your graphics. That kind of customization sets you apart as a true professional speaker. Thank you for a professional, polished presentation."

Jennifer J. Bisciotti, SPHR
Vice President of Programming
Human Resources Association of Central Ohio


Steven E. Frohman, speaker, consultant and business owner, captures your attention through his thought-provoking, content-rich keynotes. He raises penetrating questions about personal and business practices, causing listeners to examine their values, motives and actions. By blending introspection with humor and a warmth, he engages audiences to interact and participate in the process.

Meeting planners continually remark about Steven's high energy and initiative. He comes early and stays late, leaving no detail unturned. He'll always go the extra mile to ensure a successful event. This enables him to form strong, long-lasting relationships with clients. He is committed to delighting audiences by offering solid information and the latest computer graphics and technology to enhance his presentations.

Keynotes are created from a large variety of workplace topics to meet the specific interests of the audience. We offer topics and programs suitable for keynotes, breakouts at conferences and leadership retreats.

Examples include:

Courageous Leadership Strategies
It takes courage to go against conventional business practices. Yet in today's environment of uncertainty, unpredictability and vulnerability, that is exactly what's required. World-class organizations and highly accomplished individuals operate from a common premise. They selectively develop personal and business relationships with those who share their values. These conscious choices result in mutual alliances and stronger profits. See how values relate to outcomes and see which values are most supportive of achieving long-term success in an environment of change. Values go beyond the basics of honesty, trust, mutual respect, integrity and professionalism. Courageous Leadership Strategies helps you discover why values are powerful tools in determining growth and prosperity. Learn the benefits of knowing what values are shifting so you and your organization can prepare for sustained success.

Leadership vs. Management
Managers maintain the status quo during times of stability. Leaders take risks, see the benefits of change and promote a shared vision. Discover why many traditional business practices no longer work in today’s changing environment. See how exemplary leaders turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes. Discover proven techniques used by skillful leaders to gain commitment from its organization's members. Focus on specific actions and behaviors that leaders apply to turn their vision into reality and lead them successfully into the future. Steve shows you how highly successful leaders stay ahead of the curve. You’ll be able to apply much of this to your work environment today.

Achieving Greatness
Learn why being the best is no longer good enough. Companies can attain a startling return on investment by extending their reach from just being the best to that of achieving greatness. It's no longer good enough to simply deliver high quality, on-time products and services to very satisfied customers. Extraordinary companies raise the bar and continually strive to delight and astound clients and customers. Greatness identifies common characteristics and specific actions these organizations apply to consistently exceed expectations. This information-packed keynote provides lots of examples, why they worked and how they can work for you.

How Change Has Changed
Markets have shifted and change had changed. This means new opportunity for leaders, managers and employees to expand their influence and increase impact on the organizations they serve. Relying on the past to predict the future is no longer a valid assumption. Such paradigms connecting us with the past are transforming. How Change Has Changed reveals how successful individuals and organizations capitalize on specific paradigm shifts today to survive and thrive during turbulent times. Discover how these shifts apply to you and your organization and what actions, skills and behaviors must happen now to ensure continued progress. Steve presents relevant information to help you move your business forward and keep your career on track. His engaging delivery style and thought-provoking concepts provide specific strategies for capitalizing on change and anticipating market shifts.

Pursuing Your Vision
Do you want to insure your future? Would you like to benefit from change? Do you have dreams and visions for tomorrow that you want to translate into reality? We are all gifted with the ability to empower ourselves to achieve extraordinary results. In his informative and interactive presentation, Pursuing Your Vision, discover how world-class organizations and highly successful individuals find the power to shape the future.

From Vision to Action
After the vision is set, the challenge moves rapidly to determining what actions are required today to achieve the desired destination described by the vision. Some organizations and some individuals have navigated this challenge successfully, but many have achieved disappointing results. Why can some use vision successfully to determine their own future and why do others fail? What are the common denominators and what is the role of leadership? These questions and more are answered as Steve explores how to go from vision to action. This highly engaging program is rich in content, identifying what's required today to turn vision into reality.

The Strategic Plan… & More
Successful individuals and organizations truly believe that "our actions create our reality."  What actions do great organizations take to succinctly define their goals and aspirations? How are expectations set? How are they realized? How do leaders use the strategic plan as a key vehicle for achieving desired outcomes? What are the success factors? What leads to failure? Steve answers these questions…and more. Learn not only what makes a world-class strategic plan, but equally as important, how leaders use it after they have it. The answers may surprise you.

Getting the Greatest Value from Your Consulting Dollar
Are you getting maximum benefits from working with external consultants? How can you sort out who will work with you to deliver the best service to your organization? How do you select which areas to involve outside consultants? Who should take ownership for the project? To gain the greatest investment from your consulting dollars, Steve discusses your role in selecting and working with external consultants. He outlines your rights and responsibilities to help you manage your expectations and stresses the importance of asking key questions up front. He also provides specific recommendations about how to direct and monitor the progress of the project to insure it gets accomplished on time, on budget and at expected levels of quality. If you build the relationship right, you’ll enjoy the experience and develop new skills in the process.

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