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Organization Transformation is about taking an organization to a place where it has never been before... creating an environment which is most consistent with achieving highly coveted outcomes such as record levels of profitability, high customer and employee satisfaction, low turnover and consistently achieving stretch business objectives.

This may require radical, not incremental change.  The change process often begins with Transformational Leadership and a Transformational Leader.

The Transformational Process:

1. Developing the vision

2. Gaining buy-in

3. Establishing the direction forward

4. Leading the charge


1. Developing the vision

Transformational Leadership starts with the development of a vision, a view of the future that will excite and convert potential followers. This vision may be developed by the leader, by the senior team or may emerge from a broad series of discussions. The important factor is the leader buys into it and is totally committed to reaching the destination described by the vision statement.

2. Gaining buy-in

The next step, which in fact never stops, is to constantly work to get buy-in from all members of the organization. This takes energy and commitment, as few people will immediately buy into a radical vision, and some will join in much more slowly than others.

In order to create followers, the Transformational Leader has to be very careful in creating trust and their personal integrity is a critical part of the future direction they promote.

3. Establishing the direction forward
In parallel with the buy-in activity is seeking the direction forward. Some Transformational Leaders know the way and simply want others to follow them. Others do not have a ready strategy, but will happily lead the exploration of possible routes to the promised land.

The route forwards may not be obvious and may not be defined in detail, but with a clear vision, the direction is always be known. Finding the way forward can be an ongoing process of course correction and the Transformational Leader will accept that there will be failures and blind canyons along the way. As long as they feel progress is being made, they will be happy.

4. Leading the charge
The final stage is to remain up-front and personally involved. Transformational Leaders are always visible and stand up to be counted. They demonstrate by their attitudes and actions how everyone else should behave. They also make continued efforts to motivate and rally their followers, constantly doing the rounds, listening, soothing and enthusing.

It is their personal commitment as much as anything else that keeps people going, particularly through the darker times when some may question whether the vision can ever be achieved. If the people do not believe that they can succeed, their efforts will fail. The Transformational Leader seeks to infect and reinfect their followers with a high level of commitment to the vision.

One of the methods the Transformational Leader uses to sustain motivation is in the use of ceremonies, rituals and other cultural symbolism. Small changes get big hurrahs, pumping up their significance as indicators of real progress.

Overall, they balance their attention between action that creates progress and the mental state of their followers. Perhaps more than other approaches, they are people-oriented and believe that success comes first and last through deep and sustained commitment.




We provide engaging, interactive workshops and planning sessions for executive management, middle management and employees to help with each step of the transformational change process. We help you develop and state the vision, gain buy-in across the organization, develop and evaluate strategy and lead the charge!

Additionally, many of our leadership topics are presented in summary form as keynotes for meetings and conferences.  Click here for more information about our Keynotes.


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