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"Thank you, Steve, for an outstanding presentation. The easy manner of delivery and the great job of facilitating resulted in an increased level of interaction among our group and established a clearer understanding of each other's needs and roles."

Randy Osler
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A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and an approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Real teams do real work and make contributions to performance.

Real teams can potentially produce performance superior to the sum total of individual performance. They make better decisions and produce higher results. We can be more insightful and more intelligent collectively than we can possibly be individually.

In many organizations today, it is increasingly evident that the potential impact of single teams, as well as the collective impact of many teams, on the performance of the organization is underexploited.

Work with us to identify and capitalize on this untapped opportunity.

Discover proven team techniques used by skillful leaders to gain commitment from its organization's members.

Focus on specific actions and behaviors that leaders apply to team environments to achieve extraordinary levels of team and individual performance.

Is your team a real team or just a work group?

How do exemplary leaders effectively use teams to turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes?

Discover the answer to these questions and more:

What produces the best results: competition or collaboration, and why?

What are the benefits of teams? What are the potential drawbacks?

When should we use teams? When are individual contributors more effective?

How can we increase team member buy-in?

What are the factors that promote team synergy and open the way to achieving extraordinary results?

Are self-directed teams for us?

Team up with us to strengthen your organization's team skills and team effectiveness.


We help your organization assess its current team skills and team effectiveness. Then we help put appropriate development plans in place and provide you tools to measure progress.

We provide engaging, interactive workshops for executive management, middle management and team members to develop and strengthen team skills and results throughout your organization.

We work with management in the areas of team member selection, performance support and compensation programs to implement practices in full alignment with your organization's strategic direction.

Team Development Workshops
Our team workshops are customized to meet your specific requirements. Our presentation approach is inspirational, engaging and entertaining. Open discussion brings the presentation environment to life. Participants see how to use this information in their team roles. All team workshops use experiential learning techniques that actively engage participants. We normally have the participants attend with their teams.


Team Development - All teams go through a development cycle as they form, begin to achieve synergy and ultimately mature. Learn how this development cycle evolves and how to make it work for you. See how to identify the barriers to achieving the next stage of development and what actions are required to remove them. Understand how the departure of current members and the entrance of new members impact the team's development cycle. We work with you to learn at what stage of development your team has evolved, identify the barriers to achieving the next level and put action plans in place to remove the barriers.

Team Performance - All teams are capable of producing at a higher levels than the sum total of the individuals on the team, but this does not always happen. High-performing teams have specific characteristics and practices in common. Learn what these characteristics and practices are, how to measure where your team is at and how to develop your team to achieve truly high levels of performance.

Team Member Roles - Each team member plays one or more roles on the team. Highly successful teams have a good understanding of what the critical roles are and know the positive contribution as well as the downside risk of each role. Learn what these roles are and how they contribute to team and individual performance.

Team Learning - What is team learning and how is it different from individual learning? For continuous improvement to take place teams must learn and grow. There are specific skills and behaviors associated with the team learning process. Obtain these skills and apply them to your team environment

Team Facilitation and Leadership - Where does leadership come from on your team? Where should it come from? Learn the skills and practices associated with successfully leading and facilitating teams.

Self-Directed Teams - Is this a good idea or not? What are the benefits...what are the risks? What have others experienced? Gain the answers to these questions and more as we explore the dynamics of self-directed works groups.

Virtual Teams - These are teams whose members primarily interact electronically and who may meet face-to-face only occasionally. Examples of virtual teams include a team whose members work at different geographic sites and a project team whose members telecommute. The effective leadership and management can be very different than traditional teams. What are the possible benefits of virtual teams for your organization? What are the success factors? How can high performance be achieved?

Compensation - Which works best...individual compensation, team compensation or a combination of both? Recognize the integral relationship between your compensation program and achieving team success.

The Fundamental Practices of Exemplary Team Leaders - Look deeper into the dynamic process of team leadership and find fundamental practices that enable team leaders to get extraordinary things done. These practices are not the private property of a few select leadership stars. They are available to anyone, in any organization or situation, and have stood the test of time. Through authentic, colorful examples, you'll see how ordinary people used these practices to achieve remarkable results. Here we develop a leadership model that positions individuals to consistently be at their personal best.


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