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Applied Synergistics International

8100 East Camelback Road

Suite 43

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

(480) 607-6850

You’ve got the perfect mix of products, services and solutions for your current customers or clients and your prospects.  You're positioned to meet their ever-changing needs. You have achieved significant competitive advantage. Now all that has to happen is to make the sale.

Selling effectively begins with selecting the right sales strategy. There are two commonly used strategies.

Product Selling. This strategy is most successfully used when products and services are primarily commodities. The customer's decision making criteria is often primarily cost driven.  You have a specific product that addresses a specific need and you go out looking for prospects that have that specific need. The selling process tends to be more marketing oriented than selling oriented. The selling skills required include having strong product knowledge, being able to sell the benefits and close the order.

Application/Solution Selling. Also referred to as consultative selling. This approach to selling is driven by a passion for building and maintaining close relationships with select customers or clients.  It starts by working methodically at all levels of the organization to understand the prospect's business objectives and identify their true needs. Based on those needs, solutions are collaboratively developed presented.  Decision making criteria is based largely on your ability to address the prospect's needs. It's less price sensitive and affords the opportunity for value pricing models. The sales skills required to execute this strategy successfully are much higher than for product selling. The sales person has to gain a thorough knowledge of the prospect's business and be able to relate at executive levels.

Our specialty area is with Application/Solution Selling. Within this area we have significant expertise and experience selling professional services. Examples of this include financial services, CPA offerings, education and training programs, document imaging services and others.



We can help you further develop the strategies and skills to:

» Identify and qualify prospects

» Identify high leverage needs

» Build trusted relationships

» Create value

» Build solutions

» Gain commitment

» Manage objections

» Make executive level presentations




Sales professionals at all levels of experience benefit from the opportunities we create to learn more effective ways of achieving sales objectives. From the use of structured processes for sales calls and presentations to interpersonal skills and strategies, you’ll be able to more effectively identify client needs, present recommendations, manage objections and close business.

We also help you answer questions like:

» Is your sales strategy aligned with your business strategy?

» Is it time to hirer a sales team for our business?

» Should we be converting from a Product Selling model to an Application/Solution selling model? What would be the benefits? What changes do we have to make?

We provide engaging, interactive workshops for executive management, middle management and non-management sales personnel to create value and build solutions for clients.  We deliver workshops designed to teach individuals how to build business relationships and engage clients to produce additional business results. Sales College is a program we offer as a complete training program or in parts. It's a program about enhancing your competitive position and improving your profitability. It teaches a relationship-based, needs-identification driven sales model that is designed to leverage current business relationships, client and customer knowledge, and personal skills


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