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High-performing organizations understand that leadership is about people and management is about business processes. They lead people and manage processes. Both people and processes produce results.

The traditional formula of hiring good people, providing financial incentives and making capital expenditures only gets you so far. More businesses are recognizing that business processes are responsible for producing the largest portion of the results achieved by there organization. Here we put this fact in proper perspective. Focusing on achieving improved results from your key business processes becomes a key strategy in improving the overall performance of your organization.

What processes are critical to the success of your business?

Who's responsible for the performance of these processes? Are there process owners?

How are these processes measured?

Do you have specific process improvement objectives in place?



We provide engaging, interactive workshops and planning meetings to educate senior management, department managers and the remainder of your organization. Our focus includes building the case for process management, introducing proven process management techniques, as well as defining everyone's role and responsibilities. The ultimate goal is achieving Process Centered Leadership.

We work with your senior management team, using facilitated planning meetings and other techniques to identify those processes critical to the success of the organization. The processes are prioritized and process owners are assigned.

We work with process owners, using proven methodologies to help them further define their processes, understand current process performance levels, define a measurement system and implement continuous improvement techniques.

We work with your organization to develop the skills required for self-sufficiency. If it is necessary to assign an individual or team cross-functional responsibility for process management, we provide training and support.

One methodology that we us is called Accelerated Process Improvement. This is a technique that allows an organization to quickly identify and implement process changes that are most aligned with achieving bottom line organizational objectives.


Process Centered Leadership

Picture this... at your next senior management staff meeting, each senior executive reviews the current performance of the process for which they are responsible. Measurements are identified, improvement objectives stated and Y-T-D progress toward those objectives reviewed. Each senior executive is responsible and accountable for specific processes in their business area. Select senior executives have cross-functional responsibilities since business processes often cross organizational boundaries. Each process is well defined; it has stated objectives, a beginning, an end and several steps in between. Improvement objectives are in place. Each process participant understands the overall objective of the process and their individual role in the process. Each individual has accountability for the overall process result.

Process Centered Leadership is a management methodology that enables leaders to establish accountabilities for results produced by processes as well as by individuals. These accountabilities, when properly designed, are aligned with achieving the organization's mission. The resulting measurement system allows leaders to easily see the complete performance picture.


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