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Applied Synergistics International

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We’ve all had those perfect moments, when things come together in an almost unbelievable way, when events that could never be predicted, let alone controlled, remarkably seem to guide us along our path. These are moments when something other than the probability of chance is involved. The closest we’ve come to finding a word for what happens in these moments is Synchronicity. In the flow of these moments it seems as if hidden hands are helping us.

As leaders, we are the creators of Synchronicity within our organizations. We know that developing Synchronicity takes more than just hiring good people and giving them financial incentives. It takes creating an environment that cultivates passion and creativity within our organization. It takes creating a constructive climate and culture.

Culture refers to the set of particular behaviors (called behavioral norms) that an organization's members believe are expected of them if they are to fit in and survive. These behavioral norms lead to patterns of behaviors and attitudes that guide the way members approach their work and interact. These patterns can be positive and productive...or not.

Getting to know your organization's culture helps you determine if the behaviors expected of employees support or detract from high performance. Most importantly, assessing your culture brings to light opportunities for change and improvement that can nurture and sustain your high performers over time, making success a "sure thing" for your business; both now and in the future.

We use a tool called the Circumplex to help understand your organization’s climate and culture.

What can this circle tell you about improving organizational performance?

All you need to know.

Introducing the Circumplex

What makes organizational change so difficult?

In a word, people.

If people make the business, people can break the business. So how do you get people to work toward a better business? How do you get everybody on the same page, at the same time, moving in the right direction?

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Look at Performance From All Angles

This circle, called the Circumplex, has the answers.

Developed by psychologist Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty over 35 years ago, the Circumplex was one of the first to be used for development purposes and is demonstrated to be statistically valid and reliable.

The Circumplex provides a way to see what drives performance – that of individual contributors, leaders, work teams – in short, the entire organization. It breaks the factors underlying performance down into 12 ways or styles of thinking, behaving and interacting. Some styles are effective and productive; some are not. But effective or not, they all describe what's happening inside the organization.

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