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In a recent survey, 499 out of 500 executives said their number one concern for the future was cultivating the future leadership of their organization. The need for skilled leaders is as urgent today, if not more urgent, than any other time in our history. Today's accelerated rate of change has created an environment of uncertainty, unpredictability and vulnerability.

Unlimited opportunity and challenge exists for those individuals and organizations who have the knowledge and skills to positively manage change in the 21st century. Leadership in organizations today needs to come from both managers and non-managers.

Why do organizations grow, change, sometimes renew themselves and sometimes die?

Why do many organizations and leaders get stuck in a phase of growth that no longer serves them well?

Why do some leadership and management skills cause success in one situation but fail in other situations?

When do we manage, when do we lead and what really is the difference?

Why is "being the best" no longer good enough and what are the performance implications?

Discover the answer to these questions and more by teaming up with us to strengthen your organization's leadership skills and effectiveness.

We provide engaging, interactive workshops for executive management, middle management and non-management personnel to develop and strengthen leadership skills throughout your organization.

We help you assess current leadership skills, put appropriate development plans in place and measure progress.

We work with management in the areas of employee selection and compensation programs to implement practices in full alignment with your organizations' strategic direction.

We also offer a 360-degree leadership assessment process and optional individual coaching and counseling sessions.

Leadership Workshop Examples
Many of our seminars are customized to meet your specific requirements. The following are offered as examples of leadership programs we have done for other organizations. Programs vary in length from one to five days. All are offered in customized formats.


The Center for Leadership

Leading Change

Process-Centered Leadership

Leading for Impact

Leading Change

Leading Teams


The Center for Leadership is a five-day Leadership Program designed to be presented either in five consecutive days or one day at a time over a five month period.

Additionally, many of our leadership topics are presented in summary form as keynotes for meetings, retreats and conferences.  Click here for more information about our Keynotes.


The Other Half of the Story - What Followers Expect of Leaders. Explore the specific leadership characteristics that constitute admired leaders. Strategies, tactics, skills, and practices are empty unless we understand the fundamental human aspirations that connect leaders and organizational members. Leadership is a reciprocal process, complete only when organizational members see their own views represented. You'll focus on the dynamics of this relationship and how leaders gain commitment.

The Fundamental Practices of Exemplary Leaders - Look deeper into the dynamic process of team leadership and find fundamental practices that enable team leaders to get extraordinary things done. These practices are not the private property of a few select leadership stars. They are available to anyone, in any organization, or situation and have stood the test of time. Through authentic, colorful examples, you'll see how ordinary people used these practices to achieve remarkable results. Here, we develop a leadership model that positions individuals to consistently be at their personal best.

The Commitments of Leaders - Identify the actions and behaviors exemplary leaders have demonstrated to reflect their true commitment. Deep commitment is the foundation for leadership and learning to lead. Through the use of engaging, real examples, we outline these behaviors and relate them to the leadership practices. These behaviors and the commitment to them serve as a guide for our discussion on how leaders get extraordinary things done in organizations.


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