“As my company expanded, ASI provided on-site training to my senior management staff. The training provided a good
foundation of personal, managerial and sales skills for the team. Steve brings in specialists to concentrate on
specific needs and provides long-term monitoring to insure success. It would be impossible to assign a dollar value to the multiple benefits my company has realized through its association with ASI.”

Ranjan Manoranjan, CPA
3SG Corporation
Dublin, OH

Applied Synergistics International

8100 East Camelback Road

Suite 43

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

(480) 607-6850


ASI provides individually tailored consulting services and training to help organizations capitalize on change. We work with senior teams to determine the organization’s goals and aspirations and evaluate objectives within the context of an organization’s current realities and future expectations.

With this framework, we assist decision-makers to devise and implement new courses of action to help management achieve its goals.

Whether you want a standard on-site program for multiple employees or to have us customize a program to meet the specific needs of your business, ASI offers a wide range of options from which to choose. Our goal is to challenge, motivate and inspire by providing both individuals and organizations with the tools to improve performance and ensure competitive advantage.

Our promise is to work with you to develop appropriate solutions for your organization.

We creatively assist organizations and individuals achieve higher levels of performance and actively pursue their vision. We fulfill our mission by:

» Working with senior management to identify specific business needs and developing an overall strategy linked to those needs.

» Developing and delivering customized workshops and training programs that are integrated with the business strategy and apply to all personnel.

» Promoting, developing and delivering keynote presentations and programs for conferences and employee events.

We are internationally recognized for consistently providing premier products and services to organizations and individuals who want to capitalize on change, achieve competitive advantage and establish extraordinary performance within their industry.

Clients are our primary focus.
We anticipate, understand and exceed our clients’ expectations. Each person and organization is valued. We know their needs are continuously and constantly changing. We focus on every detail in addressing those needs. We support life-long learning and education for professional development and personal enrichment.

Employees and strategic partners are our most important resources.
We maintain an environment that allows all of us to reach our maximum potential and contribute our best to our clients, our organization and our communities. We anticipate their changing needs and priorities.

Excellence is a way of life.
We continuously improve our programs, services and skills in order to exceed the expectations of our clients, our organization and our communities. We consistently use information and client feedback to achieve continuous improvement.

Collaboration is the way we excel.
We maintain a partnership with clients, co-workers, suppliers and the community to achieve mutual objectives. Trust and confidence in each other is our bedrock of effective teamwork. Leadership from everyone allows us to achieve our vision. We learn from each other and share insights, information and ideas.

Financial success allows us to serve clients and others.
We prosper by focusing on our clients. We listen to them. We address their needs fully and conserve their resources by improving our own business processes. We provide the most cost-effective approach to meeting their needs.

Responsible corporate citizenship is our ongoing commitment.
We make sure our programs and services build on and support workplace
diversity. We partner with educational and community service providers to help them achieve success.

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